Top Fixed Gas Detection System

Fixed Gas Detection System

The remoREAD wifi natural gas detector is atex certified stand-alone system that comes with a rechargeable integrated lithium-ion battery. The benefit of a lithium-ion battery is that it comes with extended battery life. Other benefits include:

Advantages of lithium-ion battery in the gas detection system

  • Their Eco-friendly Nature
  • The lithium-ion batteries are compact hence can be easily incorporated
  • These batteries have a high energy density
  • They have zero cost of maintenance
  • Once fully charged the batteries can give power to up to one year
  • They don’t get discharged on their own if not used for a certain period
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Wireless ATEX CERTIFIED Gas Detection System Stand-Alone Device

This wifi gas detector remoREAD is a technologically upgraded smart product. The top fixed gas detection system remoREAD utilizes 3G/4G Connectivity GSM systems. It works best in detecting toxic gases which include Methane, and other flammable hazardous and explosive gases. The gas sensors used in the smart gas detector remoREAD are infrared type. The wireless gas detector is atex certified equipment.

The biggest advantage behind using top Fixed gas detection system remoREAD is that it eliminates the usage of cables and wires that occupy space and are always exposed to natural calamities. This means any wear and tear would not only disturb the fitting but would also result in breaches.

Difference between ATEX Certified Fixed Gas Detector and Conventional Gas Detection System:


Highlighted Features of Wifi Fixed Gas Detection System are:

 – Due to the presence of Batteries there is no need to add power supply or install Solar Panel 

 – Get Instant SMS or Email Based Alerts on connected devices.

  • If a product has ATEX certified it means that the device is tested and approved by International standards. The wifi gas detector is safe to use given any explosive and hazardous conditions.

These wireless type gas detection features incorporate smart technologies that blend with the IoT environment.

Wifi Fixed Gas Detector remoREAD Offers Following Advantages

The Gas Detection system is used to measure gas leaks and mitigate the same. Today most industries are fixed detectors are important in that they can often scan large areas for gas leaks

Fixed gas detectors can be used in tandem with area detectors to sense dangerous leaks alert the plant manager.

Applications of wifi natural gas detector 

  • Usage of Gas Detector in Refineries 
  • At the DRS and MRS Regulatory Stations.
  • At Down and Upstream Gas Skids
  • LPG/CNG/LNG Storage Tanks and Compressors 
  • Gas Leak detection is a must in City Gas Pipelines Network
  • City Gas Distribution Station & Skids


FirstSense Safety Fixed Gas Detection system comes with infrared gas sensors. These gas sensors are required to measure levels of hazardous gases. To maintain the environment safe even in ambient airflow conditions. Gas Detection System application in Industries Where natural gas is supplied for industrial/Commercial or Household Use.

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