Using Intelligent Gas Detector

gas detector

The word gas comes from the word chaos. Gas is a kinetic mixture of molecules moving randomly and continuously , colliding constantly with each other and other things. With respect to high speed and rapid movement Gases have the potential to fulfill any available space and volume. They tend to mix rapidly into any atmosphere where they are discharged.

In Everyday life Different gases are all around us in everyday life. The air that we breathe consists of a mixture of different gases including Nitrogen and Oxygen.

In major sites including CNG station, LNG and PNG network large volumes of gases are transferred via huge network of gas pipelines. The pipelines are vulnerable to gas leaks due to long term wear and tear of pipe, weather changes, high pressure lines, these gases could be Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide which are deadly and may tend to a catastrophe resulting in uncontrollable explosion. For the purpose of natural gas detection, gas detectors are being used to make sure that the gas leak is recorded and the potential hazard can be controlled.

Flammable Limit

There is only a limited band of gas/air concentration which will produce a combustible mixture. This band is specific for each gas and vapor and is bounded by an upper level, known as the Upper Explosive Limit (or the UEL) and a lower level, called the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). Efficient gas detectors are used to measure the LEL and UEL and Supply gas leak alerts based on the recorded rate of threat.

Toxic Gas Hazards

Some gases are extremely poisonous and in low concentrations they can be dangerous to life. Toxic gases have distinctive ‘rotten eggs’ like smell which itself is strong which is a result of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S). Toxic gases are measured in parts per million (ppm) and parts per billion (ppb). For instance 1ppm would be equal to a room filled with approximately 1 million balls having just 1 of the ball red in color then that red ball would represent 1ppm.

What is Asphyxiant Hazard?

To live we need to breathe oxygen. Air surrounding us is made up of several kinds of gases which include
Oxygen. Ambient air is a mixture of oxygen concentration of 20.9% v/v. Anything below 19.5% v/v, Oxygen is oxygen deficient. Below 16% v/v the oxygen concentration is considered not safe for the humans.

Using Intelligent Gas Detector

Gas Detection becomes necessary due to number of reasons. The use of a gas detection system can be the best option if toxic gas levels is recorded which further can be used to stop explosion. With the use of Intelligent Gas Detector pre actions can be taken, and shaped automatically days before an event occurs. This can help to prevent the toxic gas level from expanding further.

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