Best detector for natural gas

best detector for natural gas

Methane is a colorless odorless gas. The chemical formula of methane gas is CH4. The fact that methane gas detection is required is due to its flammable nature and property of combustion with oxygen. The primary component of Natural Gas is Methane.

Methane is abundantly found in the atmosphere and used in a multiple range of applications. The LEL of Methane is 5.0%.

Since methane has no color or odor but has a tendency to seep in through cracks and leak through the pipes. For a combustible and odourless gas it is essential to install a natural gas detector.

Best Detector For Natural Gas

Count on FirstSense Safety Gas Detection complete line of combustible CH4 gas detectors to make sure that both site and staff are safe and operations running smoothly. Our Wireless Gas Detector remoREAD comes cast Aluminum Alloy LM6 and has a 316 stainless steel Sensor Enclosure head assembly. Wireless Gas Detector remoREAD is Fixed type Detector for Natural Gas Application.

Methane Gas Properties

Accuracy± 1% for Full Scale Readings
Detection TechnologyNon dispersive Infrared (NDIR)
Sampling MethodNatural Diffusion
LEL (% by Vol)5.0%
Response timeLess than 5 Seconds
Working Temperature:-10oC to +50oC

PEL – A Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) as per the OSHA Regulation PEL is the maximum amount or concentration of a chemical that a worker may be exposed to.

STEL – A Short-Term Exposure Limit (STEL) an exposure of less than or equal to 15 minutes is known as Short term Exposure.

TWA – Time Weighted Averages is the total exposure that happens over an 8 hour shift.

Keeping up with specification remoREAD is the best detector for natural gas.

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