Fixed Gas Detection System Requirement Updated 2021

Fixed Gas Detection System Requirement Updated 2021

The environmental challenges are increasing every single day and so are the regulations and acts of preservation of the same. The Gas leak is a big challenge whose outcome is dangerous. Here is a quick sneak peek about Fixed Gas Detection System Requirement Updated 2021. Natural gas is termed a fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is formed as a reaction underground. A hydrocarbon-containing material that is formed underground is collected by the remains of flora and fauna. The decomposed matter produced releases energy that is known as natural gas. Prime fossil fuels obtained from nature are coal, petroleum, and natural gas. All of these are extracted by the process of mining and core drilling. Natural gas is produced beneath the earth and is collected after intense heating of the layers over millions of years.

USA and Russia are some of the Leading natural gas producers. Natural gas is supplied through gas pipelines. Natural gas travels through gas pipelines at high pressure which ranges between 200 to 1500 psi. With wear and tear gas pipelines, several times break-in an explosion happens due to pipeline leak, therefore, gas detection system is used to monitor gas leak situations.

Following are the Advantages of Natural Gas Extraction

  • Today because of its nature of produce Natural gas is amongst the cleanest fossil fuels.  The Carbon emission from Natural Gas Extraction is close to 45 percent which is less dangerous as compared to other fuels used.
  • Natural Gas Extraction is not accompanied by release of Coal and Ash. Which again is a benefit. Waste products such as coal, and ashes are bad for environment.
  • Natural gas is transferred through gas pipelines to the end users for commercial and household use.
  • Natural gas reserves are available in sufficient amounts. Natural gas is not going anywhere. Considerable reserves of natural gas are available in the environment.
  • Natural Gas is used for the purpose of producing heat to cook food.


  • Natural Gas is extremely flammable, which means natural gas leaks may result in explosions.
  • Natural gas appears to be toxic and life threatening if inhaled.
  • Laying Natural gas pipeline network is an investment.
  • Natural gas being expensive Gas Pipeline leak results in heavy loss for the industry.
  • Mercaptan is added to detect leaking natural gas,
  • When natural gas burns it results in the release of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide.

Fixed gas detection systems are used to protect the environment and site from the toxic effects of a gas leak. A continuous leaking natural gas reserve may lead to dangerous outcomes. Natural gas is expensive therefore fixed gas detector detects the leak and alarms the inspection teams to set prior alerts for safe evacuation. A gas leak is detected based on the analysis of the Lower explosive limit (LEL) and Upper explosive limit (UEL). Before ignition, the LEL and UEL in the device are established.

What is a fixed gas detection system?

Fixed gas detection systems are installed to be able to supply continuous, area and personnel protection around the clock. The fixed detection system is designed to alert the workers in case of potential danger. The potential danger is the presence of toxic gas in the atmosphere. When you are exposed to a gas leak for a long period of time you might feel choked due to a lack of oxygen. Asphyxiation is terminology used to define oxygen scarcity.  

How to make the best use of a Fixed Gas Detection System?

How do you maintain a gas detector?

A bump test can be processed to maintain a gas detector.

Here are a few Fixed Gas Detection System Updated 2021 regulation

  • The Fixed gas detection system is supposed to be installed in a way such that it continuously measures the concentration of hydrocarbon.
  • The system should be provided ambient air flow to monitor gas leak.

How often does a gas detector need to be calibrated?

A fixed gas detection system is supposed to be calibrated twice a year.

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