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Gas leak hazards are continuous risks for various plants, pipeline industry, and gas distribution networks. The employees involved and residents living close to these facilities are always in danger of being exposed. As the pipeline network is expanding each day, the chances of gas leakage and explosions are also increasing. The surging number of gas hazards and their underlying risks are a reminder of this problem.

When it is about making an important decision for the well-being of personnel and site protection, a well-informed action plan is a must. While you need complete control of your gas detection system, a wireless gas detector is just the right solution for you.

With FirstSense Safety gas detection system, it’s easier than ever to ensure safety and compliance while also reducing setup and operation time costs.

Gas detectors are essential equipment to maintain health and safety standards for operators, residents, and the area of operation. Wireless Fixed gas detectors are ideal for monitoring gas concentrations and are installed to measure the concentration of gases where there is a potential gas hazard.

Our Fixed Wireless Gas Detector remoREAD is ATEX and PESO certified, having a sensor life of more than Five Years. Additionally, the device offers a response time of less than 5 seconds, and it is operated on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Our Mission

To blend our techniques and expertise with emerging technologies for improving operational and safety standards.

Our Vision

Safety is the best investment one can have in life. With a vision of a greener and safer environment, we adhere to cultivate a top-notch gas detection system.